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We trade the most liquid and consumable commodities in the world
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Wheat is the main food source for millions of people. According to UNO data 20% of calories consumed in the world come from products made from wheat. For agricultural producers, this crop is in priority next to corn and barley.
Wheat cultivation started around 10 000 years ago on the territory of Asia Minor (currently Turkey). Nowadays, it is the key crop on the world grain market. The average amount of its production is 700-750 million tons annually.
Today, China is the largest wheat producer in the world. It is followed by USA, India, Russia, France, Canada, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The main wheat consumers are countries of Asian and Pacific Region, North Africa and Middle East.
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Barley is an important food and technical crop. Current level of barley cultivation in the world is increasing. The list of its leading producers include Ukraine, France, Germany, Australia and Canada. The main consumers are Saudi Arabia, China and Japan.
Barley with certain biochemical characteristics is carefully chosen for brewing. Six-rowed spike with a low level of fusel-oil is privileged while processing spirit. High quality barley is of yellow or light-yellow color with a pleasant smell.
Agrarians value barley for being a short crop. The vegetative season of summer barley is only 60-70 days. Beneficial qualities of barley are used in culinary and medicine. Recently, scientists have found that consumption of barley whole grain regulates blood sugar level.